Ho Chi Minh Water Park reminded us a lot of the water park at Legoland Malaysia. The settings are very similar.


It costs 140,000 per adult and 90, 000vnd per kid between 80cm to 140cm. Free admissions for children under 80cm.

Here is where it locates.

You can find place to eat easily in the park and the prices were reasonable. Normally between 30,000vnd to 50.000vnd per dish. Drinks were between 15,000vnd to 25,000vnd.  Ice cream cone was like 10,000vnd.  We picked some snacks on the way and it was OK to bring them in, but next time we probably won’t choose to carry grocery bags on the motorbike for an hour since the prices are not much different.

Food in Dam Sen Water Park

The kids pool is 0.2 -0.5 meter deep. Jungle animal theme (crocodile, hippos and elephants) was fun. There were a few kids slides and artificial waterfalls. The water slides are in a perfect size for preschoolers.

Ho Chi Minh Water Park

Lazy River is 0.8meter deep. Still Rae’s favorite spot in the whole water park. She was practicing floating on her back.

Dam Sen Water Park

We decided to lock our bags after a while. Last time in Legoland the locker costed us like 20 dollars a day. In Dam Sen Water park, the lockers only costs 15,000vnd (less than a dollar). They also gave you a cute little container for the key and your money. It was pretty secure even with 4 year old playing with it constantly. Locker in Dam Sen Water Park

There are a bunch of big water slides. Too bad that we didn’t get to enjoy them since we hang out in the wave pool for too long. They are closed around 3:30pm/4pm. It seemed that the park suddenly got empty after 3pm even the weather was still nice and warm. We stayed there until supper.

Water Slides in Ho Chi Minh Water Park

There were a lot of staff around.Lifeguards blew whistles all the time. They seemed watching you carefully. Park in general are very clean and the play structures are taken good care of. After travelling in the chaotic traffic in Ho Chi Minh city, water park was a peaceful place to relax. It was still a bit noisy, but all happy noises.Dam Sen Water Park Ho Chi Minh

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