As you can see, we had more than 20 “Likes” in 2 days after no likes increased for at least 2 months. How come and why?

In the past two months, our trip was fantastic and we couldn’t complain a single thing. We enjoyed the exciting adventures and the laid-back life style but we let the travel blog go slowly.

We were lazy writing and posting. Maybe in our back of mind, we don’t believe that it will work in the way that we expect it will work. We told the people who we just met that we are doing a family travel website, but do we really?

We, after doing all kinds of jobs and businesses, understand that anything we do, we have to delicate to it 100%.  Working hard is the only way to push things through. We don’t expect goHello. world bring us 1 million fans or 1 million dollars, but we expect to learn to be focused and practice our online skills through the developing of the website and the community.

So here we are, trying very hard to get “Likes” and work on our blog every day. Thank you very much everyone for your great support to Your support means a lot to us even just a thumb up on Facebook. We are on our way to the next start. Maybe is not our destination, but definitely an amazing journey.

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