Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!

Merry Christmas

We just had a fantastic Christmas in Danang, Vietnam and we have a lot to share.

We spent our Christmas Eve with the amazing Finger Hotel. They hosted a wonderful Christmas party. It only costs 7 USD for adults and half price for kids for a whole evening of entertainment, wine, and some tasty western food (hamburger, pizza, and grilled chicken… not exactly the Christmas style :), but much better than we expected for 7 dollars).

Here come the pictures:



Rae was extremely excited at the party. She was the first lucky person to get the prize. (They gave each guest a number card when you enter.)

Getting the Prize

The hostess asked if Rae would like to sing a song. She was hesitated at the beginning (of course, in front of at least 50 people) but I encouraged her by promising that I will sing with her.

She actually did a MUCH better singing than me. She has a beautiful voice and cued the music. I felt that I was messing around:). Anyways, I am just proud of her!

A Video of Rae Singing Jingle Bells at Finger Hotel Christmas Party

The party was full of energy. It reminded me the Christmas parties we had in college:). The hotel staff sang a mix of western and Vietnamese songs. There were a lot of dances as well. The traditional Vietnamese bamboo dance was a highlight. Our brave Rae went up again and had a lot of fun walking through the moving bamboos. Rian was the opposite, after so many people trying to drag him up there. He didn’t, still:).

Bamboo Dance Finger Hotel

This 3-hour party ended in a perfect way by taking everyone to the top floor pool to light up the candle flower boat and pumping everybody with cocktail drinks:).

Lighting up the candle boat

We really loved our Christmas party at the Finger Hotel. We had a great stay and made friends there. We were sad to say bye on the Christmas day. However, our Christmas day at Ba Na Hills eased our sadness on leaving Finger Hotel. Ba Na Hills on Christmas was just the coolest plan!

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