When Rian talked about going to a lake, I was thinking, hmmm, maybe I will skip it and work on my computer. I have been to Elk Lake pretty much every weekend in the summer. The Lake in Chiang Mai would be nice but optional for me. However,  I would have regreted it if I didn’t come to Huay Tueng Thao Lake. Huay Tueng Thao Lake is UNREAL not only because of the beautiful scenery but the richest experience you can get from a lake.  You can swim, eat hot pot and Thai food and drink beer in the bamboo houses right on the water. You can have massages by the lake, do fishing, etc. If you are a lake fan like us, Huay Tueng Thao Lake is a MUST-GO.

We were pretty bad with directions. It took us one hour to find the place. (It is actually only 15-20 mintutes away from Chiang Mai city).

See map here


We were hot and not in our best mood after the long motorbike ride. The lake costs 20thb to get in and no charge for kids. This was what we saw at our first glance.

Huay Tueng Thao Lake

Well, it cured everything! Rian stood in the lake and said ‘I’ve never felt a lake so warm!’ He said it felt like the sun was shining on his belly from underneith the water as he swam. Glad he was happy. I turned my head and I saw another happy gal. Rae was heading to the playground by the lake.

Playground at Huay Tueng Thao Lake

Then swimming time!

Huay Tueng Thao Lake

It’s already like heaven for us, but that’s not all Huay Tueng Thao Lake can offer. We headed to the little bamboo houses right on the water. You can eat hot pot and drink beer while putting your feet in the water and watching fish. Some people brought their fishing poles and did some fishing! It didn’t take long to fill the bamboo houses. We got there around 11am and there was almost nobody there, but by 1pm, it was pretty much full. The sounds all around was laughter, music and splashs while you feel the breeze and warm lake water. I told Rian that I was having my best day!

Huay Teng Tao Lake Hot Pot

It was super relaxing and you could easily spend a day here. We had a plan to go tubing in the afternoon, but we just couldn’t leave Huay Tueng Thao Lake. Rian started to worring about if and when we will be able to come back. Indeed, a month in Chiang Mai was too awesome to say goodbye.

After lunch, we decided to do Thai massages to make the day more perfect. It is 150thb (6 dollars a hour) to have a amazing massage right by the lake. Rian had a little story to tell here that had us both in tears laughing 🙂

Anyways,  I was just speechless how great our lake day was.  Life is full of mysteries and surprises. We look forward to the months ahead!

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