We spent our first two weeks in Danang at Finger Hotel. It’s been heaven!

The Pool

Let’s start with the highlight of Finger Hotel, the pool! Anyone who follows our adventures (yes, I’m talking about you Mom) knows that we love swiming and pools are a top priority in our accomodation searches.

Considering our budget is under 30$/day, we’ve still had some pretty nice pools. This pool really takes the cake though. It’s up on the 16th floor of the only highrise within at least a twenty blocks. It’s an infinity pool, with a specatcular view of the beach, the city, faris wheel, lady buddha statue, and 3 beautiful bridges including the famouse dragon bridge. In the daytime you feel like you’re swiming in the clouds, and at night you can swim around entranced by the various city features for ages.

Finger Hotel Pool

The Cinema

On the 2nd floor of Finger Hotel there is a full private 3D cimema. Just tell them what and when you want to watch, and it’s yours. We found had a few hiccups with loading shows though, so we opted to choose from one of the couple hundred channels on our own TV in the room most of the time.

danang cinema

The Staff

We’re new to Vietnam, so maybe this just just par for the course around here… but the staff here are SO friendly.

When we arrived, we were quoted a rate, which we were prepared to pay. But as they punched it in, one of the front desk girls whipered loudly to the other girl “diiissscooount!” They then laughed and gave us a decent discount for no apparent reason, even as we had our credit card out and ready to pay.

They asked for all our passports, even Rae’s, only so they could study the names, make sure they pounced the right, and even made conversation about about Rae’s middle name. By the second day the whole staff seemed to know us, made meaningful conversations in the elevator, bent over backwards to make us feel comfortable, and Nicole even now chat with one of them on social media. I feel like we’re the special family in the hotel who they all like, but then I see them treating the other guests the same way.

They seem to be here 24 hours a day… we’re greeted by the same people at 6am for breakfast as we say goodnight to at 9pm as we put our motorbike away, but they’re always smiling and seem like they are enjoying their days. Even the guys out in the motorbike parking garage laugh, make jokes with Rae, and occasionally and randomly burst out in song at the top of their lungs.

Finger Hotel Staff

The Breakfast

The breakfast is a massive buffet on the 3rd floor. It’s honestly bigger than most dinner buffets that you pay for at home. There’s fruit, like 3 kinds of soup, salads, various rice dishes, noodle dishes, fried dishes, gourmet toasts and breads, special made-to-order dishes like Pho or Omelettes, meats, dumplings… and the list goes on. There’s always something new, as well as the standard favorites to rely on. Rae especially like the time when they came over and asked her if she liked bacon… when she smiled, they went off and made a heaping plate of delicious maple smoked bacon.

Finger Hotel Breakfast Place

The Kids Room

Finger Hotel even has a little play area downstairs by the cinema, which came in handy for travelers like us who have quite a bit of free time and not always up for another big adventure.

Finger Hotel Kids Room

The Neighborhood

We’re about 5 minutes walk to the beach, and about 5 minutes drive to the heart of the city. Behind the hotel is a little market and several local restaurants. We also enjoy simply walking around in the residential area that directly behind the hotel. It’s a maze of little always full of very densely packed but modern houses. I would certainly have no complaints if I somehow ended up inhabiting one of the little house in this area one day.



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