Saturday, May 9th, and 25 degrees!

I was overcome with the idea of buying a portable BBQ and making our first trip to Elk Lake.

Elk Lake isn’t known for it’s cleanliness. It’s next to the highway and everyone scoffs at it due to “highway runnoff”… whatever that means. But for many reasons, I love Elk Lake and for 3 seasons now it has been the Bowden Family’s go-to lake.

I had a vision of BBQing and swiming in the lake on May 9th. Could it be done? Well, usually when I have a crazy vision, the answer is yes… but only after a series of misadentures.

I took a bit longer than expected to pick out a BBQ, so I wasted no time hurding Nicole and Rae out to the car. It was already closing in on 5pm and every minute that passed was another degree closer to sunset.

Don’t forget Rae’s swimsuit!

With a new BBQ, a watermellon, vegies, and 3 big juicy steaks things were looking good, except that in my rush to get there I had forgotten to bring any anything to eat with.

No time to go back home again, so we popped into the gas station and grabbed a handful of salt packets, 3 plastic forks, and 3 butter knives. Luckily the BBQ was still in the box, which we could tear up the box and fashion into plates.

In hindsight I’m not sure what I was imagining, but instead of a fully assembled BBQ, the box contained dozens of bits and peices of metal and a big package of nuts and bolts.

OK, so all hope of a swim was probably lost, but it was still sunny, I was in shorts, Nicole was sitting in the sand happily pondering life, and Rae was running along the beach in her swimsuit trying to fly her kite and squeeling with laughter. And there was a small screw driver and wrench in the BBQ box, so I decided to just enjoy a little BBQ assembly project and end it off with our first Beach BBQ.

At about 6pm, with the assembly complete and vegies cut, it was time to load on the steaks. They almost made it… but not quite. All 3 steaks ended up under the picnic table covered in stand.

When I get an idea in my head though, I tend to loose sight of where to draw the line. In this case I figured, well heck, we’ve got a huge body of water just steps away, I’ll just go wash off the steaks. And that’s just what I did.

Of course there are always voices of reason trying to talk me down, in this case Nicole, but for some reason I always tend to overpower those voices and even drag them along with me.

BBQ at Elk Lake

“Lake Steak”

…is what she uttered as she sawed away at it with the butter knife. I thought that was pretty funny.

After the Lake Steak, I couldn’t help but complete the night with a dip in the lake. To my delight, Rae ran in and joined me. It was a great evening.

Swiming at Elk Lake

Naturally, we all got sick the next day.


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