It is funny how my has life changed. A month ago I was working crazily in the zoo that was my daycare and I had the same routine every day. Now I am exploring one of the best zoos in the world, which is only a short walk from my doorstep, with my family and every moment is different.

Chiang Mai Zoo Entrance

Here are 6 surprises and highlights from our visit to Chiang Mai Zoo last weekend.

1. The tickets for Chiang Mai Zoo are SO cheap!

It’s 150thb for adults and 70thb for children under 135cm. You need to pay extra for seeing Pandas and going to the Aquarium, but the prices are reasonable. So with 15 Canadian dollars pretty much, you get to spend the whole day in this mind-blowing zoo.

Other costs in Chiang Mai Zoo
In total we spent just over 1000thb during the day. Rian took Rae to the expensive things himself. Other than that it was just food, many drinks, and snacks for the animals.

  • Tickets for Pandas cost 100thb for an adult and 50thb for a child.
  • Aquarium cost 270 for adults and 100 for Rae
  • There were many stations to buy food for the animals, but all were pretty cheap (10-20thb)
  • We didn’t take the bus, but if you do it’s 30tbh to ride to any of the 6 stops

Chiang Mai Zoo Tickets

2. There’s just so much to see in Chiang Mai Zoo!

Flamingo, lions and tigers, giraffes and zebras, hippos and rinos, snakes and crocodiles, pandas, ostriches, sharks, penguins, seals, birds, elephants… any kind of animals that you can name. You could easily spend a day or two in this beautiful zoo.


3. It is extremely family friendly.

Kids definitely will have a blast in Chiang Mai Zoo not just by seeing the animals but enjoying the fantastic kids activities in the zoo. There are a couple of huge kids zones with an outdoor playground, an air-conditioned library and a play room, educational exhibition, and water park. Rae complained a lot about the hot weather, but in the zoo she was happily running around for at least 4-5 hours. It is just too much fun!


4. Chiang Mai Zoo provides the BEST interactions with animals.

Unlike other zoos where most animals are in the cage, the animals here seem so close to you. You can touch a hippo or an elephant’s nose, feed them carrots or bananas, ride a pony for 20thb (less than a dollar), watch huge turtles half a foot beside you, throw bananas to the monkeys on the hill… The amazing interactive experiences are so unique for both children and adults.

They also have a couple of shows: an animal show and a seals show. The birds at the animal show will fly to your shoulder, even to young kids.

Tree House in Chiang Mai Zoo

5. The beautiful and interesting scenery of Chiang Mai Zoo.

Chiang Mai Zoo is located on a mountain and in the tropical forest. The zoo is designed perfectly with the nature. You can pretty much stop anywhere for pictures because it is just too nice to just pass through. You can see 3 floor tree houses and a sink made in the tree, which you don’t see very often in daily life.

6. Well-designed facilities and helpful staff.

In the hot days, you do need to stop for water or drinks quite often, there are convenient stores at every attraction, as well as the bathroom. There are a lot of staff wearing red shirts working on site and they are extremely friendly.

I have to admit that after being to a lot of zoos like San Diego Zoo and Beijing Zoo, Chiang Mai Zoo blew my mind. I highly recommend this zoo.

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