Over the next six to ten months, our family intends on “test driving” a number of new cities in other countries, one month at a time. Our goal is to find a perfect place to hunker down for about a year while we build the foundations for our next project. We don’t yet know what the next project is, but we have some ideas of what it might look like. We hope this adventure will refuel our ambition, and leave us well prepared for our “next start.” This is our family travel manifesto.

The Backstory

When a family or person decides to go off the beaten track and peruse an out of the ordinary lifestyle, the story often begins with a life trapped in a 9 to 5 cubical or some sort of major life disaster that forces out-of-the-box thinking.

Our story, does not begin that way. Since our Bowden family establishment in 2010, our life has been everything we’ve wanted it to be. We’d been living in one of the best places in the world, working at home, and enjoying quite a bit of freedom and stability in our daily lives.

If someone had asked us in 2010 how we would like to set up our life, it would be the life had in 2015. Which is why we are starting something new.

Let us explain a bit more…

Complacency in the Entrepreneurial Family

Our family is entrepreneurial. We’ve had failures and successes. We like to fend for ourselves. We’re much better at starting something than new than working on something established. And satisfaction for us is that fleeting feeling we get just before we start to stress about what to do with ourselves.

Complacency is the C in Warren Buffets ABC’s of business decay. For the past year we have definitely felt that sense of complacency and the anxiety that comes with it. The lack of urgency in our lives has slowed us down mentally and in at least one of our cases has even resulted in a substantially more portly physique!

In business, a way to solve the serious problem of being problemless is to create new problems. In a family such as ours, our answer to that concept is to pack our things and head out into the unknown. Surely when we’re homeless, bouncing around in foreign countries, with a substantial income cut, new problems will abound!

Hello World!

It was the name of Nicole’s daycare, and a phrase that has meant the beginning of many moments of discovery in Rian’s life. In the world of computer programming, the “Hello World Program” is the first program you write when learning a new language.

Whether you’re behind a keyboard studying code, or in looking at a phase book in a new country, “Hello World” represents the moment you embark on a new period of discovery and learning. Whether you’re seeing the letters appear on a screen or literally hearing the word “Hello” in a new local language, it feels exciting and it brings with it a new sense of control in your ever expanding world.

The Next Start

We believe that the best destination is a beginning. An objective should not be to reach an end, just as a life’s purpose should not to reach death. Beginnings are the most exciting part of life, and where we grow the fastest and perform the best.

In 2015 it’s would have been easy to mistakenly say “We’re here, we made it!” But according to our upside-down philosophy, that couldn’t be further from the truth. As of September 2015, had we not decided to make a major change, we would have literally the furthest from our goal we had ever been… five years away from our last “start!”

Instead, as we write this manifesto we are in the air somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean about to embark on a new phase in our lives. THIS is our goal, and NOW is the precise moment to celebrate the achievement of another major milestone in our life.

The Recursive Cycle

In order to reach yet a new start after this we need to have something in between. Just as we gained a vision for our family back in 2010, we now get to develop a new vision for our family.

For the next 10 months or so we will develop a new vision. Although the uncertainty and lack of direction can be unsettling, we know from experience that a new and exciting direction will start to emerge.

For the years following, we will be heads down working in a pretty clear direction, and the next version of our life will start to take shape.

Eventually life will begin to settle again, and the complacency will return and open up the opportunity to reach our next goal when we find ourselves starting off on the next adventure, whatever that may be!

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