Although Disneyland and the Universal Studio are exciting, personally I like Legoland Malaysia better for a few reasons.

First, it was the most chill theme park that we have been to.

We visited during the weekdays (Monday and Tuesday), and it’s not the popular season. The park was NOT crowded at all. Everything was under 5 minutes wait. Even the staff encouraged you to take the rides one more time, and stood outside the bigger attractions calling to you to join their attraction. It was so nice to be able to walk in the park freely, take pictures with the best angles, and take the rides as many times as you like.

We didn’t feel overwhelmed or rushed. The park is designed for a good day or two even with a slow pace. I would suggest to spend two days if you want to visit the water park as well.

Legoland Malaysia

Second, Legoland Water Park is the most fun water park that we have visited.

When we bought our tickets, the staff told us to go to the Water Park first because it would be closed if the weather turned bad. In the afternoon it’s usually rainy in Johor Bahru at this time of year (November).  So just remember to visit the water park in the morning because the rest of the park can easily be enjoyed in the rain.

2015-11-15 18.27.19

The lockers were kind of expensive. Large lockers cost 40RM and small ones cost 20RM. A lot of people just left their bags on the bench, including us. We had our wallets and several cameras in the bags, but still felt comfortable leaving them unlocked.

There are four intensity levels for the water activities, Baby Pool and Build-A-Raft River, Joker Soker, Wave Pool, and a bunch of water slides (Brick Blaster, Splash’N’Swirl, Waver Rider, and Tidal Tube).

Rae’s (4 years old) favorite is the baby pool (zoo style) and the Build-A-Raft River.  The river is full of floating Legos and tubes. It was super relaxing. I think Rae could have spent the whole day floating around and around the river searching for “special” lego peices. I loved it there too.

Legoland Water Park Lazy River

The Joker Soker has a few great features, smaller water slides, water guns, bridges and tunnels, and a huge bucket of water pours down every 3 minutes. Crowds gathered to wait for the pouring water. You can hear laughter and happy screaming every time.

Legoland Water Park

The Wave Pool was also my favorite. The music and waves were amazing and you also got to relax like this.

Legoland Swimming Pool

Unfortunately, we didn’t get to experience the bigger water slides since Rae was scared of it. There were at least 8 of them with different levels. Please give it a try for us and let us know how they are 🙂

Third, the Lego theme is simply creative.

Lego represents creativity. You will be amazed about how creative the Legoland is no matter the buildings, characters, and activities.

Legoland CharactersThere are a few unique activities that we really enjoy with a Rae, Driving School and Boating School, Kids Power Tower, and Royal Joust. The activities are very interactive, for example, in Driving school and Boating school, kids get to drive the car and the boat on their own. On the Kids Power Tower, kids get to pull themselves up to the top of the tower. Here is a list of activities in Legoland Malaysia. They give a little introduction with pictures for each activity.

Boating School Legoland

Fourth, the indoor and outdoor activities are in a great balance.

No matter rain or shine, having a little break in the air conditioned room is not a bad idea for young kids and their parents. Legoland made a great balance of their indoor and outdoor activities. In the Lego Academy, you can learn to build with instructions. Check out what Rae and Rian made.

Building Legos in Legoland

In Imagination Land, you get to test what you have built, either buildings or cars. Pharaoh’s Revenge is a cool indoor playground with balls, air cannons, and climbing structures. You could easily spend a couple of hours or even the whole day indoor with fulfillment. Check out the list of indoor activities in Legoland Malaysia. 

Fifth, they keep improving the park by adding new attractions.

On their website they said that there are 5 new attractions have been added in Legoland Malaysia in 2015. The Star War World is one of them. Don’t miss it if you are a Star War fan! The display is breath taking and it has interactive features too, and even includes lesser known scenes like ones from the Clone Wars which will make the biggest fans giddy.

Star War World In Legoland

They also added a Lego City Stage with a puppet show in addition to their 4D theater. We didn’t find the 4D movie too exciting, but the puppet show with human size Lego characters was very entertaining.

Legoland Malaysia Show

Sixth, it’s not just for thrill seekers… wimps like me can enjoy it too!

Rae accurately observed the other day that in our family, she is “the princess,” Rian is the “the nerd,” and I am “the wimp.” So for wimps like me, this park is a dream come true 🙂

Although Legoland has exciting rides such as the Dragon Ride and the Dino Island, it is much more mild than other theme parks we’ve visited. Whether your a kid, teen, or adult, the rides and activities seem to be built more to inspire your creativity than to stop your heart.

Rian may have been a bit dissapointed that no one would join him on the bigger rides, but there was still plenty for the whole family to enjoy together. And after 30 minutes of nagging from Rian and Rae, I DID try the Beatle Bounce… which is one thing I never need to do again in my life!

Beatle Bounce Legoland Malaysia

On our way back to KL, I was still drowning in our sweet memory of the two days in Legoland Malaysia. We definitely recommend the park for family travelers and everybody else.

Click here for a few more boring logistical details

How to get there: Here is the information about the Bus service and  Train to Johor Bahru from KL.We tried the bus for the way there, and train for the way back. The bus to Legoland took 4 hours and was very comfortable. The train was less comfortable and took overnight. However, we saved money on one night hotel room by riding the train back to KL. If we would have booked earlier we could have gotten a sleeper car or at least a higher class seat, which would have made it better. If we were to do it again, we probably would have booked overnight trains both ways, but need to book way in advance to get the good seats or sleepers (I think like at least a few weeks or a month). You save money on the hotel night, and the timing is great both ways. You can get a bus (Bus LM1) from Legoland to JB Sentral at 6:40pm, which puts you at the train station a few hours before you board. However, if you’re booking last minute and not willing to rough it (think cockroaches and cramped, torn up seats)… take the bus instead.

How much the tickets costs: Here is the information of the prices and tickets. Remember the 2 Day Combo Ticket is only valid on 2 consecutive days to both Theme Park & Water Park.

How much the food costs: the food in the park is expensive (20-30RM per person) compared to the food in the mall outside of Legoland (10-20RM per person). You are able to come out for lunch at the mall and re-enter the park if you have a water park and theme park combo ticket (but not on single day tickets). There are also a few convenient stores in the mall. You are welcome to pack your own food.

Lego Character

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