We had a little motorbike incidence before Christmas and we lost the transportation to go to Ba Na Hills. We almost gave up the plan visiting it on Christmas. If we didn’t, we would miss so much!

It was also a genius idea to stay in French Village Hotel on the top of Ba Na Hills, so we got to see the beautiful night and the full moon over the clouds up there.DSCN1819

The normal Ba Na Hills tour costs about 800,000vnd (50 Canadian dollars) but you would have to go down before 3pm. We suggest to take a taxi or rent a motorbike. The taxi costs 300,000vnd (18 dollars) from Finger Hotel to Ba Na Hills. It was about 1 hour drive.

The tickets including two way cable cars and the rides in Fantasy Park (the mountain top theme park) is 550,000vnd (35 Canadian dollars) for adult and 450,000 for child over 1 meter. The wax museum costs extra like 100,000vnd each.

Our way to the mountain top went smooth even with all our luggage. The hotel staff was helpful and the cable car ride was very cool!

The cable car sets the world record for the Longest and highest non-stop cable car. The height difference is about 4,230 feet (1,291.81m) between the upper and lower stations. It takes about 20 minutes and you will enjoy the beautiful views of the mountain and waterfalls on your ride. It would be a different experience if you come on a cloudy day. We didn’t see much on our way down since it was rainy.Ba Na Hills Cable Car


French Village Hotel is the fanciest hotel we have stayed in Vietnam. It was about 90 Canadian dollars a night but it’s still much cheaper than a 4 star hotel at home.  I read some review about the room being moundy but it was not even true. The hotel is luxury with the French style design and huge lobby and restaurant. Our room was really nice and facing the marvelous church. We definitely enjoyed our stay! Our experience wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t stay in French Village.

Ba Na Hills was amazing not only because the great mountain but also the French style resorts that they have built. The castles were breath taking.

You can take a free cable car to a lower level  to see the gardens and Buddha, but costs another 70,000vnd each. I admired the design of the landscape. It seems everywhere you go there is a great angel for pictures.


Rae’s favorite part is the labyrinth.


It is a well mix of eastern and western architectures. You have just seen the castles and French gardens, but temples, Buddhas, and traditional tea houses were the next.

We didn’t find the Fantasy Park is too outstanding but the self control roller coaster is a must try! (It’s included in the ticket).

Rides at Ba Na Hills

Staff at the Finger Hotel told us the night time on Ba Na Hills is too good to miss. They were right. The lights and the moon were SO beautiful!

We had our Christmas dinner and the breakfast on Boxing Day in the restaurant at French Village. It was lovely. The breakfast was definitely the best breakfast we had in Vietnam so far.

It was just awesome to spend Christmas on Ba Na Hill Resorts. We wish our family and friends could be there with us.

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