Hello World! We’re the Bowdens: Rian, Nicole, and Rae. At the moment, we’re living the nomad life in South East Asia and this blog is our way of making notes, preserving mememoris, and of course sharing with others who may be interested.

Our Story

Our travel story does not start with the typical “we hated our jobs and wanted to escape cubical life” begining. Before packing our bags, we lived in one of the greatest places in the world, Victoria BC, Canada. Both parents worked at home, made a decent living, and enjoyed our work and our freedom. In the months before we left we had one of the best summers of our lives enjoying the lakes, family visits, and comforts of our home.

Now we’re trying out other countries for about a month at a time, evaluating each by a set of criteria, looking for a new place to settle in 2017.

But wait, if life was so great in Victoria, why are we doing this?

Our Manifesto explains it all!

The Crew

Rian Bowden

Rian (aka Dad) is a WordPress webdesigner and online marketer. He’s generally a tech nerd and has been going on big travelling adventures since graduating High School. When he does things, he tends to take them to the extreme… which is why the family is currently living in South East Asia instead of vacationing like a normal family.

Rian.ca | YouTube

Nicole Bowden

Nicole (aka Mom) is an educator. She taught in college in Tianjin until coming to Victoria, Canada in 2007 to study her masters in Education with a curriculum design major. After graduating, meeting Rian, and having Rae, she opened Hello World Daycare which she ran for 4 years before deciding to persue her larger dream of being a world wide educator.

Email: nicole@bowden.cc

Rae Bowden

Rae’s life began as a traveller. Her birth was predicted by the Buddha Guan Yin (hence her middle name “Yin”) on her parents Honeymoon in Thailand before anyone else knew she was on her way. She got her first password when she was only a few months old, and at 4 years old returned to Thailand to join the family in a new travel adventure.

RaeYin.com | YouTube

Our Blog

We’re trying to keep this blog active with a mix of personal stories and information about the places we’re visiting. In particular, we’re evaluating the places we visit as potential places to live, and next summer the plan is to pick one to settle down in. Feel free to reach out to us through this website, or on facebook if you have any tips for us or just want to say hello!

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